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Manya Basti

Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful

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Also known as “Greeva Basti“, Manyabasti is a specific neck treatment to relieve stiffness, cervical compressions, and pain. In Sanskrit, “Greeva“ or “Manya“ means neck and “Basti“ means retaining medicated liquids. Modern-day lifestyle has brought us many devils, one of which is neck disorders due to extensive usage of digital appliances. However, Manyabasti is an age-old technique to treat the majority of the problems such as cervical spondylitis, sprain, and stiffness in the neck, frozen shoulder, etc. In this exclusive treatment, medicated herbal oils are poured and then pooled for a certain duration in the tank constructed over the neck with wet flour of black gram.

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