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A journey towards betterment

Our purifying treatments will help you to rediscover yourself and enjoy the awakened energy and inner peace.

As Ayurveda is described as the purest healing science of life, we at Ayurpushpam, aspire to bring deeply enriching lifestyle changes to strike the balance of living. If you are looking for somebody to help you with leading a healthy and calm life, you have certainly arrived at your destination. We are passionate about providing you with authentic Ayurvedic remedies, with which dietary modifications and lifestyle consulting come along. We believe that incorporating Ayurvedic principles into the day to day living is the golden way to maintain a healthy balance.

Take Care of your body like never before

It is the need of an hour to prioritize yourself before everybody and everything else and trust us, it is not as selfish as it sounds. Pay attention to that one-point pain in your body and let us offer you our services and treatments for your betterment. After all, feeling better in your own skin is a feeling to cherish.

Why Ayurpushpam

We do not merely treat symptoms, however, our skilled ayurvedic doctors master at treating the root cause of any disease or illness. We assure you to embellish your remedial inception with our “dosha“ specific treatment and bring the most therapeutic results for you.
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Let’s get back to our roots

We do not realize how Ayurveda is deeply rooted in the lives of Indian people, however, our modern and hectic lives somehow compel us to move away from natural living. With Ayurpushpam, let’s get back to our roots again and start a journey towards a healthy and more profound lifestyle.

Manya Basti

Also known as “Greeva Basti“, Manyabasti is a specific neck treatment to relieve stiffness, cervical compressions, and pain. In Sanskrit, “Greeva“ or “Manya“ means neck and “Basti“ means retaining medicated liquids.

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The most rewarding massage of Ayurveda, Abhyanga is a full body massage from the scalp to toes, majorly done with warm oils.

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Typically described in “Sushrut Samhita”, Vedic surgeon Sushruta explains innumerable advantages of Agnikarma over bones, joints and ligaments disorders.

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